“Mrs. Jordan has been a valuable resource. My son presented with multiple challenges
including being dyslexic and having ADHD. During this time with her, he made
significant gains academically and socially. Throughout the years, she has generously
shared her expertise. She was quick to volunteer to help problem solve any educational
obstacle we had.”
Mount Prospect Mom

“Mrs. Jordan, thank you for your comprehensive notes from our meeting. I feel it is a
very appropriate plan and very do-able for the teachers. I look forward to implementing
these strategies. Thank you for clarifying and redefining the needs of our student and
suggesting ways for her to be successful.”
Mrs. K

“Frannie, I was so happy to see all the information you shared with us. Great practical
ideas! You certainly went above and beyond what you needed to do, but please know it
was very much appreciated.”
Mrs. M

“We want to thank you for providing services for my daughter and for all of your
expertise and advise regarding dyslexia. We appreciate your knowledge of working with
children with dyslexia, and I have seen a great deal of improvement in my daughter’s
understanding and learning since we started seeing you 1 year ago. We are so very
thankful to have found such a professional, compassionate and competent learning
specialist and advocate. We have seen so much improvement in our daughter this year.
It has not just been reflected in her ability to read and write, but also in her confidence
and self-esteem. For this we are grateful to you. You are a true essential member of our
daughter’s educational team.”
Arlington Heights Mom

“Frannie Jordan is an incredible advocate for my child. She goes above and beyond to
make sure my child’s educational needs are being met. Frannie truly cares about her
clients. She has made a positive impact in our lives.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work today! We truly appreciate all that you do and
how much time and preparation you took for the meeting. No amount of thank yous
would be suffice for the job you did today. It is so comforting to know how much you
truly care. Thank you for helping to drive home the idea that there is another underlying
cause for my son’s struggles.”
Arlington Heights Mom

“Frannie has been an excellent advocate and specialist for our daughter. She always
uses best practices and seamlessly applied them to any and every school assignment
that our daughter brought to each session. Frannie has been an invaluable advocate
for our daughter and family. She attended IEP meetings and asked direct questions,
provided realistic suggestions and gave important feedback. Frannie was also
wonderful at taking notes for us during the meetings and helping us determine next
steps and items that needed to be addressed. Of most importance, Frannie felt like part
of our family. Our daughter loved Frannie, and felt that Frannie understood her and
stood up for her. We trust her to have our daughter’s best interest at heart, and that is
not something we give easily.”
Mount Prospect Mom

“Mrs. Jordan has the ability to work with students of all ages and abilities. She
encourages students’ positive behaviors and emphasizes their strengths.Often times,
teachers underestimate the value of social relationships, but Mrs. Jordan is attuned to
fostering collaboration and goodwill among students. She also excels in communication
and interpersonal skills which allow her to work well with parents, other teachers, and
allied professionals. She is extremely well-organized, dependable, reliable,
conscientious, and exceedingly patient (I can not stress this enough). She genuinely
seems to thrive on helping others and her enthusiasm shines through in all her actions.”
Mrs. G

“Frannie is a top referral for my patients in her catchment area. Frannie really knows
and understands how to teach reading and struggling learners. She has extensive
experience as a special education teacher and reading specialist. Frannie is also very
helpful for parents needing help with educational advocacy. Frannie knows how the
special education system works, and she knows what services and supports are going
to help each type of learner. She is always professional, thorough, and diligent. I have
complete trust in Frannie for my patients and for my own family”
Dr. D